Every month are added approximately 100 new positions, the large part of which has no competitors in the market until a certain moment.

Febest puts special emphasis on the production of parts that are not sold by original manufacturers separately from the joint/nod (foremost arm bushings), and on the production of repair kits for different joints/nods.

Febest GMBH, founded in 2007 in Germany, has nowadays its representative offices on all continents, and it has no competitors when it comes to the range of rubber aftermarket parts manufactured by the company. At the same time, it is actively developing other vectors of aftermarket parts manufacture.

Febest GMBH produces spare parts in eight major categories: rubber parts (accounting for over 50 percent of all products) "crossbars", "suspension", "bearings", "clutch", "braking system", "CV joints", "body elements".

Shop.febest.eu offers the entire range of Febest products.