In the most popular and trustworthy European aftermarket automotive parts catalogue TecDoc has appeared Febest production: automotive parts for Toyota and Lexus. Others are soon to emerge.

Now TecDoc has 2,700 items from the Febest catalogue, which includes more than 10,000 positions. First became available Toyota and Lexus automotive parts produced by Febest. In approximately a month’s time, information about Febest automotive parts for Honda, Nissan and other makes will be available in the TecDoc.

TecDoc Informations System GmbH is a leading supplier of information for car businesses in Europe. Car business professionals have long been aware of TecDoc – the fullest and most trustworthy database of aftermarket automotive parts of all makes.

In the TecDoc catalogue on is search by the original number, one can check the list of applicability, choose the car by its engine, and filter the results by the car make or manufacturer. The catalogue also contains pictures for illustrative purposes.

TecDec was founded in 1994 by several German main manufacturers of aftermarket car parts. The company has developed universal standarts for identification of a vehicle, product line and specific description of goods. The TecDec standards have been recommended by the European European Union of Automobile Parts Suppliers for the use in the industry. The TecDec catalogue is referred to as “GOOGLE for the Aftermarket“.