One of Febest’s slogans says, “Every car is to have its own repair kit!” At the same time, Febest finds it critically important providing its customers with all necessary equipment for repair under a certain product item. 

For example, assembly repair kits produced by Febest, not being the cheapest in the world of aftermarket spare parts, among other things, are famous for the completeness of bundling, which is not the issue in the case of other manufacturers.

Febest repair kits are produced similar to the original, “one to one”, for two sides at once. If an assembly has two pistons, Febest offers two repair kits – for four pistons on two sides, with all the nuts, bushings and washers. Every repair kit produced by Febest is equipped with two kinds of grease. One is for the quality replacement of the seal of the piston. In case of dry installation of a duster, risks are to tear it, and solid oil, for example, is a bad alternative to special high-temperature lubrication. The second kind of grease in the kit is for the axial slideways. 

In addition, all Febest inner joints are equipped with high-temperature grease, whose cost is many times greater than the cost of conventional graphite lubricants used by competitors, which are totally unsuitable for internal joints.