Despite the fact that our strict product control allows Febest to offer high quality automotive parts, our customers occasionally face breakdowns and malfunctions before the expiration of the applicable warranty period. The most common case for the failure of Febest parts within the warranty period, according to the Engineering Department statistics of Febest GMBH, is their incorrect installation, regardless of manufacturer.
In some cases, incorrect installation of spare parts may lead to serious consequences.

For example, the incorrect installation of wheel hub 2382-001 (onto Volkswagen Touareg, 2003-2010, and Volkswagen Transporter/Multivan T5, 2003-2011) often leads to the displacement of the ABS ring, and accordingly causes the malfunction of the whole ABS system, the destruction of the bearing separator, i.e. the failure of the entire unit.

A special mandrel is necessary!

Because this item, consisting of a hub, a bearing and retaining rings, forms a nonseparable unit, installing it without using special devices leads to its breakage.

When pressing the detail into the steering knuckle, force needs to be applied not to the body of the hub itself (1), but to the outer bearing race, where the lock ring is installed (2).

For proper installation, use a mandrel made of two semirings abutting the lock ring.

Install the wheel hub as the following: