Febest manufactures and sells caps for roof mouldings for different models of Mazda that are very popular among consumers.

What made them an extremely popular product is the imperfection of the original moulding design. This is that rare case when the item does not break, but simply disappears, is lost. Very common is the situation when a driver enters a carwash with a roof moulding cap being present on their Mazda, and leaves without it. The matter is that high-pressure carwashes often smash caps off, and this results in the caps getting into drainage.

Loss is usually not immediately detected and a question arises about where to find a replacement. Some unscrupulous drivers solve this problem by unlawful means – they steal from their brethren.

However, there is, of course, lawful means to restore the moulding – you can buy a cap produced by Febest, which is of the same quality as the original one, but is much cheaper at the same time.

Although the basic directions in the development of the range of goods produced by Febest is the production of car spare parts in such key categories as “rubber parts”, “suspension”, “universal joints”, “ball bearings”, “clutch system”, “braking system”, and “CV joints”, in the category of “body elements” Febest produces quite a few interesting and sought-after articles. It's not just about roof moulding caps, but also frame front suspensions, front bumper retainers, mud guards, assembly hood hinges, rear lamp brackets, bumper bracket covers, bumper covers etc. utomotive moulding or car body moulding are decorative and protective mouldings on the car body. The term applies to both the detail and the material. Car mouldings include side body moulding, lower body moulding, door mouldings, window mouldings, footrest moulding, mud flaps, etc.