Steering rack boots produced by Febest can be installed on any car model. This makes them extremely popular among car repair companies.

It is common practice for service stations to always have them available. After all, such a problem as a rupture of a steering rack boot, or its substantial damage often becomes visible when the vehicle is already on the lift and some kind of repair works not related to steering racks are being performed. This is exactly the case, in the absence of a steering rack boot just for a concrete model when the Febest universal steering rack boot becomes the perfect solution.

While universal steering rack boots produced by Febest and sold under the article FERKB-001 are ideally suitable for some car models, in most other cases, in order for the boots to take their place on the steering rack, they must be optimally fine-tuned during installation. That is, in case of necessity, boots have to be trimmed around the edges, depending on the thickness of the steering rack.

To fix the Febest universal boot on the steering rack, use the clamps attached. The article FERKB-001 also includes a special cone through which the boot can be put on the steering rack without being damaged. To achieve this, the cone is placed on the thread of the tie rod and the boot is put on the steering rack through the cone (the old cone, respectively, is cut off beforehand). In so doing, the tie rod remains in its place, and thanks to that, after replacing the boot there is no need for a wheel alignment. Car service stations that do not have a wheel alignment stand, will find this a very weighty argument in favour of using universal steering rack boots in their work.

As well as original steering rack boots, Febest products are made of high-quality rubber. Febest produces all its spare parts taking into account the harsh climatic conditions of northern regions. The rubber formula is based on natural raw rubber with the use of additives, which allows the product to operate at extremely low temperatures. Hydraulic arm bushings and mounts are filled with synthetic oils with additives, which enables you to use them at a temperature of up to -45 degrees Celsius. 
Febest has no competitors in the world when it comes to the range of rubber aftermarket parts manufactured by the company.