It is a well-known fact that Febest produces some arm bushings in two or even three versions, for example, offering not only hydraulic arm bushings, but also as a cheaper alternative – conventional ones. As a responsible manufacturer, Febest strictly follows one of its key rules: if original parts manufacturers produce the hydraulic arm bushing for some unit, (e.g. for the arm), Febest offers namely a hydraulic replacement for the original part. If the original arm bushing is floating, Febest will also offer a floating alternative. We would like to emphasize that Febest produces floating arm bushings by patented technology:

Febest does not produce floating arm bushings by rolling the inner metal part over the outer, as others do, but using much more reliable threaded coupling and special glue. Febest hydraulic arm bushings are also characterized by high quality, although their price, of course, is higher than that of conventional ones, without the internal reservoirs and special filling liquid. Many Febest competitors, in an effort to win in price and thus attract customers, produce conventional arm bushing as an alternative to hydraulic.

The problem is that people, comparing prices and deciding whether to buy, often pay no attention to the fact that they are comparing prices on fundamentally different products: the hydraulic vs conventional arm bushing. To make this distinction clear, Febest in some cases produces conventional arm bushings, which can be installed instead of hydraulic. They are, of course, cheaper. At the same time, for some consumers conventional arm bushings are a cheap temporary replacement for their hydraulic relatives.
For example, Febest produces the rear arm bushing front arm for different Ford, Mazda and Volvo models in three versions, sold under the articles - MZAB-MZ3B, MZAB-MZ3BRUB, MZAB-MZ3BX
This is a hydraulic arm bushing with a shaft, which has established its credentials among customers. The company also produces conventional arm bushings with or without the shaft, whose cost is quite competitive amid the rates of rivals, who only produce conventional arm bushings and do not produce hydraulic at all. The arm bushings sold by Febest under the articles MZAB-MZ3B, MZAB-MZ3BRUB, MZAB-MZ3BX can be installed on the following models:
FORD C-MAX CAP 2003-2007
FORD C-MAX CB3 2007-2010
FORD FOCUS II 2004-2008
FORD FOCUS II CB4 2008-2011
MAZDA 3 BK 2003-2008
MAZDA 5 CR 2005-2010
MAZDA AXELA BK 2003-2009
VOLVO S40 II 2004-2012
VOLVO V50 2004-2011