Please, when choosing spare parts, use the corresponding number of original spare parts, i.e. OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) number.

We sell aftermarket spare parts that are produced by Febest as an alternative to the original. The surest way to ensure that a particular Febest item is exactly what you need is to check against its OEM number (OEM numbers are displayed next to each individual product). In addition, the most accurate search on is search by the OEM number.
For example, searching by the OEM number will guarantee that you will pick up exactly the CV JOINT you need. It is necessary to take into account that a large number of details in the Febest directory are elements of car units (e.g. arms or calipers). Aftermarket spare parts (car unit parts) do not have their own OEM numbers, but the unit itself does (e.g. arm or caliper units), so using the OEM number to search for or recheck a spare part does always make sense.
If you do not know the original part number you are looking for, please contact us by email - If you are in doubts about the accuracy of your choice, certainly contact us!